YA 110

Same perfection even in the highest capacity packaging

YA-110 mobile jaw horizontal packaging machine is designed as a high-quality solution for companies aiming at normal capacity and wide variety of production. The machine, which is built on a modular aluminum chassis, is covered with a stainless-steel coating and offers the opportunity for long-lasting use.

Thanks to the design of the sealing jaws as mobile sealing jaws, it has the ability to perfectly pack high or long products. In the system of YA-110, there are 3 lower sealing disk groups controlled by servo motor in order to control the wrapper flow. There are jaw group with servo system that provides silent movement and more rapid controllable pressure adjustment, and special wrought cutting blade adjusted and fixed with a servo system. Axes that provide vertical and horizontal movement are controlled by servos. Cellophane, pearlized, polypropylene and aluminum laminated packaging materials in hot-seal applications; In cold sealing applications, it is possible to work with all packaging materials suitable for cold sealing. YA-110 works with a capacity of 60 packages / minute depending on the product features.

In the electrical control panel used on the machine, has many kind of features for the easy use of the machine is provided; Thanks to the touch control screen, easy access and intervention to the product package length, photocell adjustment, and machine speed are provided. Special covers and safety switches in the jaw groups enable safe operation. These machines can generally pack multipacks and block wafers (250 gr – 500 gr) in the food industry, and can pack up to 2500 grams in couverture chocolate.

Thanks to its design in accordance with Industry 4.0, it allows you to control data such as capacity, energy, efficiency, maintenance from a single point.

Machine Details

Width: 1040 mm
Length: 4000 mm
Heigth: 1470 mm
Weight: 560 kg
Consumtion(kWh): 5 kW/h

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