YA 200

Same quality packaging in different industries

The YA200, a mid-segment packaging machine, is designed to offer packaging solutions to a wide variety of product groups in different industries. YA-200, which is frequently preferred for packaging products such as cakes, wafers and biscuits, provides high efficiency to your production lines with its durable structure. Stainless-steal chassis structure ensures long-lasting operation in humid and corrosive environments.

The YA-200, which can perform both hot and cold seal packaging, has an automatic wrapper transfer group as standard. Depending on the product specifications, the capacity can be up to 300 packs/min in the hot sealing and 450 packs/minute in the cold sealing. The adjustable tensioning system can be changed easily and the pusher design maximizes maintenance and product replacement periods, saving time and money. There is side gusset bag packaging  option in the sealing jaw group.

All main axes in YA-200 are servo controlled. Thanks to its design in accordance with Industry 4.0, it allows you to control data such as capacity, energy, efficiency, maintenance from a single point.


Twin-feeding inline: Used for block packaging.

Inline with cardboard feeding: It provides cardboard packaging to protect products such as cakes and biscuits.

Inline with metal detector: It is used to detect metal particles in products.

No-touch inline: It is preferred for packaging products that sticks together or soft and asymmetrical products.

Double-feed inline: It is used to make pillow type packaging on top of each other.

Machine Details

Width: 1060 mm
Length: 8870 mm
Heigth: 1840 mm
Weight: 1265 kg
Consumtion(kWh): 15,6 kW/h

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