YA 300

High-tech packaging solution for high-capacity production

YA-300 horizontal packaging machine, produced with the knowledge and experience of Forma Makina, is produced with superior technology for food companies aiming high capacity production. While the operator need is minimized in Ya-300, maximum performance is provided at high speeds. YA-300, where high-level security measures are taken, works semi-autonomously. During product changes, wrapper guide system, pusher changes and wrapper changes are made very quickly, minimizing change times and thus saving you time and labor. Another feature of the YA-300 that allows you to save labor is that all main axes are equipped with precision and maintenance-free Planet reductors and servo motors.

There are important advantages in the wrapper group. It can be precisely adjusted, servo brake system and proportionally controlled paper tension adjustment, providing less paper wastage and tighter packaging. When one packaging wrap is run out, there is an “automatic rewinding group” that automatically processes the other wrapper and saves time. It is possible to work with all packaging materials suitable for cold sealing. It works compatible with all kinds of printer devices. With the paper edge control system offered as a standard, possible packaging errors are prevented. Thanks to its design in accordance with Industry 4.0, it allows you to control data such as capacity, energy, efficiency, maintenance from a single point.

Depending on the product specifications, the capacity can be increased up to a maximum of 1000 packages/minute.


Inline group with metal detector: It is used to detect metal particles in products.

Double-feed inline group: It is used to make pillow type packaging on top of each other.

No-touch inline group: It is used for packaging of sticky or soft and asymmetrical products.

Machine Details

Width: 1075 mm
Length: 9500 mm
Heigth: 1865 mm
Weight: 1950 kg
Consumtion(kWh): 15 kW/h

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