The wafer sheet cooler is used to naturally cool the baked wafer sheets coming out of the oven in environment temperature, to lower the stress caused by heating, to sort out the unsuitable sheets and to stack the sheets.

In this process, unsuitable for quality wafer sheets are removed with the help of special sensors. The circular shaped wafer sheet cooler provides the required height and width for passage under the wafer sheets.

Wafer sheet cooler provides power and maintenance savings thanks to its low friction and modular conveying system. The number of shelves can be increased or decreased according to the oven capacity.

The wafer sheet cooler, which has two different models, YS70 and YS90, can be produced according to different capacities. Materials in compliance with the food regulations are preferred on all surfaces of the system that come into contact with the product.

Machine Details

Width: 1260 mm
Length: 5200 mm
Heigth: 2570 mm
Weight: 750 kg
Consumtion(kWh): 1.5 kW

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