Wafer block cooling tower is the unit used for cooling the wafers coming out of the cream spreading machine in block form.  The inlet and outlet sections of the block cooling tower are equipped with O-ring type conveyors.

The transportation conveyor of the tower, which is designed to store 150 wafer blocks, has 1″ chain. The cooling capacity of the tunnel is 23,000 kcal/hour. The cooling tower, which is equipped with a compressor, two evaporators, four fans and an air-cooled condenser, is R404A.

It has a long-lasting structure with its polyurethane injected stainless-steel covers.  All engines used in the block cooling tower are AC type and has a PLC Omron frequency inverter.  Resistance shaped new version conveyors are used in the block cooling tower.

The working of cooling tower is controlled by the photocell in the inlet conveyor.  In this way, the tunnel stops after all wafer blocks come out of the tunnel, in case no wafer block is coming.  With this feature, the block cooling tunnel saves electricity and manpower.

All materials used on the machine are suitable for contact with food.

Machine Details

Width: Modeltheme
Length: Romania
Heigth: 450.000 m2
Weight: James Mathews
Consumtion(kWh): Construction

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