The perfect combine , wafer sheets with cream

Automatic cream spreading machines are used to spread cream on the baked wafer sheets and to form blocks on the desired layer number. A block can be created by spreading 1 layer of cream between minimum 2 layers of wafer sheets and 5 layers of cream between maximum 6 layers of wafer sheets. Depending on the wafer to be produced, the cream to be spread on the baked wafer sheets can be chosen in single color or double color. For the double cream, two different creams are spread to each wafer sheet, and with the help of the system design, this process can be carried out without mixing the creams.

In order to use the cream more efficiently, there is a mobile and jacketed cream circulation system that works simultaneously with the machine under the cream depositor. Film or contact spreading method can be chosen in accordance with the viscosity and density of the cream.

Maximum cleaning is achieved in this process, thanks to the scraping blades specially designed for belt cleaning. Also, a precision weighing system specially designed to measure block weights ensures that wafer blocks are produced with equal and desired weights.

Materials in compliance with food regulations are used on all surfaces that the product and cream come into contact with. The automatic cream spreading machine has a capacity of 55 sheets/minute. Thanks to its design in line with Industry 4.0, it allows you to control data such as capacity, energy, efficiency and maintenance from a same place.


Hazelnut Spreading: Designed to sprinkle hazelnuts on cream spread wafer blocks.

Machine Details

Width: 2290 mm
Length: 12480 mm
Heigth: 2050 mm
Weight: 3250 kg
Consumtion(kWh): 17 kW

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