Discard Mill

 Maximize efficiency in production lines.

 The discard machine is used to grind the discard wafer pieces during the operation of the wafer production line.  This machine is designed to minimize the amount of waste generated in the production line.  The grinded pieces can be reused in the cream preparation process depending on the recipe of the wafer.

In the first part of the machine, which consists of two parts, the wafer discards are grinded into large pieces.  In the second part, these large pieces are grinded into powder form. Grinded discards can be milled size of 120 microns.  The machine, which can grind 130 kg of waste, consumes 7.5 Kw of energy per hour.

The machine is made of stainless steel in order to ensure hygienic conditions.  With the help of a hinged cover, the discard products are fed manually from the top of the machine.  The milled products are taken from the channel on the side of the machine with the help of wheeled plastic crates.  The grinding blades and product contact surfaces have a design that allows them to be cleaned easily.  All materials used on the discard machine, which is very simple to use and maintain, are suitable for contact with food.  Thanks to its design in accordance with Industry 4.0, it enables data such as capacity, energy, efficiency and maintenance to be controlled from a single point.

Machine Details

Width: 850 mm
Length: 1750 mm
Heigth: 1300 mm
Weight: 320 kg
Consumtion(kWh): 6 kW

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