The unique solution for the perfect wafer dough making!

The dough automation designed to prepare wafer dough, consists of two stations, a mixer and a stock tank. The blades and shaft seal of the dough mixer specially designed for this process ensure that a homogeneous dough is obtained without lumps. The dough is transferred to the stock tank with a help of this unique mixer design. By using a hygienic diaphragm pump for transfer, energy and maintenance costs are saved.

The stock tank, which is the next stage after the mixing, is designed to pump the dough into the oven baking tongs. Thanks to the mixer inside, the homogeneity of the dough is preserved; In this way, souring or deterioration of the dough can be prevented.

The whole system complies with food regulations and hygienic design. The system can be controlled fully automatically by using HMI. The dough automation capacity can go up to 1000 l/hour. The power requirement changes according to the options between 5-10 kW.


 The dough automation can become even more perfect with options that suit your needs.

Jacketed stock tank: It is used to keep the temperature of the dough constant and to prevent the dough from getting sour and spoiled, especially in hot countries.

Double mixer option: It is used for feeding large lines or more than one small line.

Flour elevator: It is used to provide automatic discharge of flour to the mixer.

Machine Details

Width: 1120 mm
Length: 2620 mm
Heigth: 1970 mm
Weight: 580 kg
Consumtion(kWh): 10 kW

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