Spiral Tunnel

Spiral cooling tower provides solutions for your delicate products in variable temperatures. The product is cooled by being transported in the optimum time calculated on the stainless-steel mesh wire band in sync with the production line.

The spiral cooling tower, designed depending on the required capacity, ensures that the central “core” temperature is brought to the desired level with high efficiency and quality without damaging the product structure.

Wafer spiral cooling towers are flexible solutions with standard and special designs in compliance with hygiene and safety norms. The system is equipped with high quality insulation materials and smart control systems for low carbon footprint and low energy consumption.


Automatic belt washing (CIP) and humidity control unit solutions can be provided.

Machine Details

Width: Modeltheme
Length: Romania
Heigth: 450.000 m2
Weight: James Mathews
Consumtion(kWh): Construction

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