Safety, technology and design together for the perfect form!

Automatic wafer cutting machines are produced with all the details in order to cut the wafer blocks in the most accurate measure.  These machines are designed to minimize your maintenance costs thanks to their high security, full servo control and open design.

After being formed into wafer blocks by spreading cream, the cooled wafer blocks are cut with the help of stainless-steel blades in accordance with the requested dimensions and become to the final product shape. Automatic wafer cutting machines have a customizable design according to different demands.  In addition to being suitable for high precision and capacity cutting operations, the cutting frame are designed to be easily replace for different product sizes.  All 3-axes at the machine entrance are controlled by servo motors.  The wafer blocks are transferred to the cutting unit precisely and gently.  While the number of blocks and cutting speeds are controlled by servo motors, it can be optimized very quickly according to the speed of the line and the product.  In this way, the machine can speed up to 20 blocks/minute.

Cut wafer discards are collected in the same place with the discard conveyor, minimizing maintenance and cleaning costs.  The automatic wafer cutting machine is equipped with high safety measures. All materials contacting with products are suitable for contact with the food. Thanks to its design in accordance with Industry 4.0, it allows you to control data such as capacity, energy, efficiency, maintenance from same place.


 Block Station unit: It has fully automatic feedback feature by storing the products between 2-5 minutes during line stops and failure situations.

Machine Details

Width: 2010 mm
Length: 3400 mm
Heigth: 2015 mm
Weight: 1000 kg
Consumtion(kWh): 3 kW

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