A unique solution that combines modular design with high quality!

The wafer baking oven enables the automatic production of flat or hollow wafer sheets.  According to the customer’s request, baking tongs that create thin or medium depth patterns on the wafer sheet can be designed.  Baking tongs are burned by natural gas or LPG and also, electricity if desired.  The average cooking time of the sheets in the wafer baking oven is 2.1 minutes.  Gas system and equipment are used in the oven, providing energy saving and working safety.  The ability of each burner to be moved around its own axis provides equal heat distribution over the entire cooking surface.  In addition, the entire burning system of the wafer baking ovens is designed to be automatically fired and the process can be followed on the monitor.  Thanks to its modular structure, furnaces can be produced up to 120 baking tongs.  It can reach a capacity of 55 sheets/minute (350kg/h).

All materials used on the machine are suitable for contact with food.  As a company that produces using the latest technologies, we design our furnaces in accordance with Industry 4.0.  In this way, it enables to control data such as capacity, energy, efficiency, maintenance from a single point.

Standard wafer sheet sizes are below;

  • ​290 mm * 470 mm (profile body oven)
  • ​350 mm * 470 mm (cast iron body oven)
  • ​350 mm * 500 mm (cast iron body oven)
  • ​350 mm * 700 mm (cast iron body oven).


 With the options we offer, you can add to your wafer baking oven according to your needs and make it the most perfect.

Waste conveyor: It provides automatic discharge of bubble discard coming out of the oven.  It is standard in high-capacity ovens.

Gas meter: It is used to monitor oven consumptions both automatically and manually.  It is compatible with Industry 4.0 application. It is standard in high-capacity ovens.

Special lubrication bearing: Since the baking tong wheels of the oven can be operated with a specially designed free bearing, it does not require maintenance.  In this way, both grease and maintenance costs are saved.

Machine Details

Width: 3350 mm
Length: 25610 mm
Heigth: 3750 mm
Weight: 55000 kg
Consumtion(kWh): 39 kW

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